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Candle Care

First Burn/Safety:  When preparing for the first burn; make sure your candle is placed on a level surface and heat resistant. To prevent tunneling allow for the wax to melt all the way to the outer edges of the jar before extinguishing. 

Do not leave your candle burning unattended.  To extend the longevity of your candles do not exceed 3-4 hours during each burn. Essessive head can cause the oils to burn through the wax.  

Soy Wax Appearance:  We use soy wax and coconut soy blend for our candles. Due to the natural properties of our candle ingredients your candle may produce a frost apperance.  This occurs on the top layer of wax and occasionally occurs between lightings after it resolidifies.  This is a normal process with natural ingredients that will not affect the quality of your candle. 

Wicks: Our candle wicks are flat braided cotton that are lead and zinc free. 

Vessel Care: Our vessels are made of glass and it is very essential that the container is allowed to cool before any movement. If there is any soot build-up wipe clean once the candle is completely cooled and wax is solidified.